Us: The Cast of Empire Comedy

Alex Marino

Alex has his own theater in New York but he sometimes comes to teach and perform with Empire. 

Alex Marino is a performer and instructor at the Magnet Theater as well as a write for The Daily Show and sideshow performer. Born and raised in Bakersfield California, he started doing improv in high school with the local Comedy Sportz franchise. Since then he has studied at the iO in Los Angeles, Annoyance in Chicago, and the Magnet right here in NYC. He’s had the pleasure of studying with Armando Diaz, Ed Herbstman, Mick Napier, TJ Jagodowski, David Pasquesi, Dave Razowski, Craig Cackowski, Bob Dassie, Jeff Michalski, and Dick Schaal and many many others whom he admires. 

Since coming to New York he has created, directed, written and/or performed in dozens of shows at Magnet and elsewhere, and can currently be seen on Thursdays as a member of Hello Laser and with the Armando Diaz Experience, and Saturdays in :Kiss•Punch•Poem:.

He likes magic but he’s bad at it and can juggle but not well. Give him half a chance, though and he’ll gladly hammer a nail into his face or swallow a torch with aplomb.

That’s right. Aplomb.